Thursday, October 21, 2010

Match of the Newtons 2

Sturminster Newton 2 - 5 Maiden Newton

After a nervous start both teams settled into a seesaw phase of end to end football until eventually the ball ran loose to Jack who closed in on goal and drove the ball into the net, low and hard. A long low shot from Stur then found it's way through a ruck of players and despite a despairing dive from an "obstructed view" Ollie, the scores were level. Stur then scored again to take the lead but the response from the Newton boys was excellent as they pressed even harder. After a couple of good passing attacks Freddie dribbled into the penalty area and was brought down by two defenders. He took the penalty and struck the back stanchion before the keeper could move. In the second half Thomas and Charlie constantly broke up the Stur attacks supported by the midfield trio of Noah, Keiron and Jack who ran their legs off.

Tom's handling in goal despite the sun in his eyes was of the highest quality. He will be going away for sunlight conditioning shortly. Gaps in the home defence were exploited by incisive passing and Freddie crossed for Keiron to score and also added two more himself from identical tight angles across the keeper. With time running out Jamie joined the fray and the clock ran out for Stur. Many thanks to a brave Stur parent for a great display of refereeing, he had a 100% score from me, though he did have my excellent whistle to help him. This was easily the best performance of the season in a top of the table clash and the spirit of the whole squad was of the highest order.

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