Thursday, October 22, 2009

18th Oct - Nail biting match at home

Maiden Newton v Bere Regis Colts

Two evenly matched teams played their hearts out, matching each other goal for goal. Bere Regis scored the first goal after the ball passed the Maiden Newton defence. Tayo was on form again scoring a hat-trick. It was all square going into the dying minutes and Rhys scored the winning goal. Both supporters enjoyed the fantastic play and a penalty shootout followed at the end of the match. Next week we visit Wool and Winfrith.

11th Oct - Little Green Army no match for Vikings

Wyke Victoria Vikings v Maiden Newton

Sorry to report that this was our toughest game yet. The first thing that hit us about the opposition was their height - many of them would not look out of place in an under 10 side. We played well in the first five minutes and then lost our way. No goals for Maiden Newton this week. Tayo showed his excellent goal keeping skills in the second half. The away supporters were congratulated by the referee for their encouragement.

U8s 4th October - A huge confidence boost!

Maiden Newton v Portland United Panthers

Given our two previous outings to Weymouth, we were expecting more of the same for our first home game. We were pleasantly surprised when Tayo, our U-8 Captain, scored the first goal after a few minutes of play. Two more goals were scored by Maiden Newton in quick succession. At last there were smiles on the home supporter’s faces. The players supported each other and were allowed to display the skills they had learned during the Wednesday night training sessions. Tayo scored two fantastic goals from free kicks. Rhys and Sean also contributed to the score sheet. A big cheer was given to the visiting side when they scored their goal in the second half. Both teams were well supported.

Match this Sunday 25th October

Urgent - MAIDEN NEWTON YOUTH FOOTBALLERS - YEARS 4,5 and 6 need to know who is available for a match on Sunday morning in Bridport - put the word around and let Paul know.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rural Club give their all against Weymouth Cougars


Both teams were evenly matched in an exciting first half with lots of defensive tackles, passing and breakaway runs. The second half was more one sided as Maiden Newton’s smaller squad tired under the full sun.

The first period ended with Sean scoring the first goal in the tournament for Maiden Newton. The little green army have struggled to get enough players to make a team for each game, this being their first ever season in the U-8 league. With only one sub available, the legs quickly tired and Weymouth Cougars scored in quick succession in the second half.

Rhys showed the determination of the team and scored a late goal. Both teams were well supported at The Marsh grounds. This is the second game for Maiden Newton Youth Football Club having formed in July 2009 and they have improved since their first game. We’re looking forward to the next game.